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Nzuri Lash Professional is a professional training program that enables you to learn the safety, technique, benefit, care, and luxury of being a professional Lash Extension Specialist. I am pleased to offer this class to all persons willing and ready to further their career, in a positive, professional, and lucrative way!

Nzuri Lash Professional Beginner course is a great way to understand the science of lash extensions and what nature of what we do in the lash world. This course is a single day, 8 hour course.

Nzuri Lash Professional Advance course is a magnificent way to learn the power of the craft, enhance your talent with technique, and learn every day to day lash experiences. This course is a single day, 8 hour course.

Nzuri Lash Professional Eyebrow workshop is the best way to learn how to create the perfect eyebrow for all clients, while leaning eyebrow shaping, correction, tweezing, waxing, and enhancing the eyebrow with makeup. What better compliment to great lash extensions!!! This workshop is a single day, 4 hour workshop.

By attending this program you can expect to learn Lash Extension Overview, Products, Health and safety, Customer Service, Lash Growth Process, Stages of Growth, Unique Lash Growth, Premature Shedding, Consumer Lifestyle, Prepping Client, Application Process, Removal Process, After Care and Products, Potential Revenue, Marketing Tips, and more!


Nzuri Lash professional training program is provided to those trainees in which request to learn the program. This certification is not a license, and does not protect you from any state board requirements of performing lash extension. A certification (upon trainer discretion) will be rewarded at the end of each training course to each trainee. Before certification, each trainee must physically prove all understanding of, safety, health, product knowledge, technique, and competent customer service before completion of the class.

Training Class

Tuition is $850 for Nzuri Lash Professional Beginner class, $450 for Nzuri Lash Professional Advanced Class, and $250 for Nzuri Lash Professional Eyebrow workshop. In order to secure a spot in a class, you must complete and send in a registration form, and pay at least 50% of class tuition. All fees and tuition must be paid 7 days prior to class attendance date, or late fee of $150 will be assessed. If full tuition and fees are not received 48 hours prior to class attendance date, your spot will be cancelled. It is mandatory to perform a practical eyelash extension service upon completion of training. Models may not attend class with you; all models must arrive the last two hours of class. If you need a model, you must give 7 days notice, and a $40 fee will be assessed.


Light breakfast, refreshments, and lunch will be provided.





Nzuri Lash offers a professional training program!

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who desires to further their career in Lash

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